Well, the 2017 USA Judo Scholastic and Collegiate Nationals was nothing less than spectacular with competitors and coaches traveling from all over the country to try and find their place on the podium. Not an easy task, especially when some divisions were 22 competitors deep. Podium or not though we saw many outstanding players on the floor and the experience they each walk away with will definitely have an impact on their future training and performance. For some this was their chance at making the cadet team and representing our country in future international events. Regardless of the division though the competition was fierce and each athlete felt the same pressure to perform.

A big congratulations goes out to our competitors who had the honor of standing on the podium at this event! We could not be more proud of our players and the families who support them. We don’t often speak about what is required for these athletes to train, travel, and compete. It is a big investment of both time and money for these families. We cannot thank you enough for allowing these young athletes the chance to pursue their passion. So in closing we would like to say that the families of these athletes are the real winners for giving up so much so that the athletes can attend very special and important events like this one. We are so privileged to have you as members of our dojo family and look forward to many future successes together.

To our athletes: Don’t forget to set your goals, always train hard, and be a positive influence on others! We hope to see more of you on the floor at next years USA Judo National Event.