Judo Classes for Adults and Youth

Get fit, gain strength, and increase your level of body coordination all while meeting new people and having fun doing it. Get started today and join the many others who are starting their journey just like you in this exciting and challenging martial arts and fitness program!


We are a USA Judo affiliated training center with a strong focus on student safety and development. Our program is very structured with set standards of progress and our coaches are very skilled at helping students with the material. Judo is a great workout, and it will help you gain strength, add muscle and improve your overall cardiovascular conditioning. Our training atmosphere is very laid back and friendly while still maintaining respect for all students and staff during each session. The workouts are vigorous, and it definitely helps that all teammates (students) are supportive of one another.

We foster an environment that is conducive to learning, leading, cooperating and collaborating. Our programming for each age group and skill level is designed to be challenging, yet attainable with the right amount of effort and practice. Through constant challenge we are able to help our students with measurable change over time. This change is what builds bodies, minds and spirits. While Judo may not be easy, it can be very rewarding and it is one of the few martial arts programs where a student can realize significant gains in focus, work ethic, discipline, leadership, patience, commitment and mood improvement. 

Jujitsu (Jiu Jitsu)

Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu was founded by Prof. Henry Seishiro Okazaki in Hawaii around 1922. Not to be mistaken for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) this system is a very comprehensive system of self-defense that has been one of the most recognized systems of Jujitsu (Jiu Jitsu) in the United States for decades. Many of its techniques can be found in military and law enforcement training programs for combat and defensive tactics. Like Judo this system of Jujitsu (Jiu Jitsu) contains techniques on how to fall safely and how to throw opponents efficiently. This is because Judo played a big part in the development of this system. Danzan-Ryu also contains techniques from American Boxing, Wrestling, Hawaiian Lua, Yoshin Ryu, Iwaga Ryu, Kosogabe Ryu, Philippino Knife Fighting, Spanish Dirk Fighting, Kung Fu (Mushi Jutsu) and Ryukyu Karate Jutsu.

What can you expect to learn by practicing this style of Jujitsu (Jiu Jitsu)? Lots of effective techniques that help you understand how your body works as well as how others can respond to a variety of applications and situations.